Friday, 21 December 2012

The Greatest Cape

 You can forget those superhero, wonder women and Nancy Drew detective types. Hands down my favourite iconic cape wearer is Red Riding Hood.

Yesterday's Google celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales by featuring Little Red Riding Hood in its doodle. I'm a big fan of the Grimm brothers' tales, they are really dark and scary and I'm glad I was given the tamed down child friendly, vanilla flavour versions when I was a kid. I barely slept as it was. Have a read of the Roald Dahl version, it's my favourite.
Illustration by Caroline Dulko.
Check her out in her festive redness carrying a wonderfully vintage picnic basket. 

Here are some other great capes that will protect your lovely outfits while riding around town:

Bobbin Wax Cotton Cape £199.99 from Cyclechic. Very Barbour-esque. So stylish I expect to see these worn with Hunters and headbands come festival season. They also do this  picnic bike basket, Little Red Riding Hood would LOVE it.
Ahhhh, remember the summer? *Slips into daydream of slow motion Wiggins, Trott, Hoy et al medal montage*. Adidas by Stella McCartney Printed Showerproof Cape £100. 

Urban Outfitters Pacman Ponchos available in blue and red £8. Because everyone loves retro arcade games, well I do.
Hooded Mimi Floral Cape, Marks & Spencer £29.50. Has a useful kangaroo style front pocket to carry your life (iPhone).
If you are hardcore this Avenir one from Raleigh is yellow AND reflective for £19.99.
And because we can dream; Marni Woven Wool Cape £1,450. You'd need some serious mudguards, I don't think a grand and a half of Marni would appreciate mud splats.
Hands up if you've been humming this while reading?

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