Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ghost Bikes// Part 1

Ghost Bikes are memorials to fallen cyclists who have been killed in traffic accidents. They are  bikes that are painted white and locked up near the site the cyclist died. Friends, family or members of the cycling community gather together to prepare these symbols of remembrance. You have probably noticed them dotted around town and unfortunately they are appearing all over the world.
Some view it as guerrilla street art and many Ghost Bikes have been removed by local councils. It has even been suggested that they put people off cycling.
I have been cycling past Eilidh Cairns' ghost bike almost every day since 2009 and every day it reminds me how dangerous roads can be. It is becoming even more poignant for me as I am just now approaching the age she was when she was killed. I hope that these Ghost Bikes do not just make me a more careful cyclist but make motorists more aware of cyclists and how vulnerable we are versus them. I also hope that I don't see any new ones.

Pictures by Jude Brosnan

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