Monday, 5 March 2012

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt// 'Eggsquisite London' by Paul Kenton

'Eggsquisite London' by Paul Kenton

Picture by Jude Brosnan

  I thought it would be a really good idea to spend a day riding around hunting down all the eggs on The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. Then I heard that there were over 200 spread all over the streets of London. I would get a bit obsessed and probably end up not sleeping for a week. Then when I did sleep I would have weird egg related dreams. Like the one where I bite a cream egg and it tastes like salt. I used to love creme eggs. For the sake of my sanity, rather than actively hunt these eggs down, I'm just going to keep my eye out for them. 

So far this egg by Paul Kenton is my favorite because it has a bike that is half the size of the Gherkin building. Also it looks like he had a lot of fun painting it.

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