Monday, 25 June 2012

Cycling Make Up Tips// Waterproof Eyeliner

Often I read about ways you can achieve ‘the natural look’ by taking a whole day and using 106576 products. I like make up and I want to see it. If I want to look natural I’ll go naked faced and that doesn’t even take a second. As a cyclist I do spend a lot of my time getting rained on, so to avoid the panda eyed look I tend to skip mascara and go all out on statement eyeliners. I have tried eleventy million different kinds but my favourite is MAC's Liquidlast. 
They last for absolutley ages so over time my collection has steadily grown. The newest addition to my make up bag/ suitcase is the Dress Khaki colour which will go perfectly with this season’s tribal Aztec trend.
To remove I use baby oil and cotton wool, but any oil based eye makeup remover would do the trick.
MAC Liquidlast liner Dress Khaki.
Me wearing Aqualine Liquidlast, a pink bike helmet and a snake. What?

I have amassed quite a collection. See.
MAC Liquidlast Liner £14.

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