Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas// Jingle Bikes

I'm a big fan of pimping my bikes/ helmets/ birthdays up with fairy lights. At Christmas I can completely indulge in this without looking crazy. Tomorrow I'll be tandeming from West London to South London to spend the day with family. 
Cycling on Christmas day is the best. The roads are quiet. Anyone you do see is SO happy and wishes you 'Merry Christmas' like it's the 1930s. Best of all you can stuff your face guilt free knowing you'll be burning some of those Christmas calories off.
My turbanised tinsel Christmas helmet....
.....with hidden fairy lights.
Jingle basket. It's going to be strange going over pot holes silently.
Oxford Street's Christmas Lights as seen from the back of the tandem.
Getting stuck behind a bus of drunk Santas.
A festive way to charmingly hide bike greased nails.
Riding around papping Christmassy Streets.

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