Saturday, 26 January 2013

Yo Hablo Bici// Madrid

Commuting through London in the snow isn’t the best. It’s really really cold and when it’s actually snowing it feels like someone is throwing freezing pins at your face. So I did a runner to Madrid for the weekend, which was a whole 8 degrees warmer and completely less snowy.
Madrid is beautiful and it is pretty quiet this time of year so obviously I hired a bike and rode all over the city.
El Rastro is a Sunday market that has been going for almost 500 years. It gets pretty random. Gas masks anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
A heart shaped bump in the road. Parque del Oeste.
Outside Otero Bicicletas bike shop.

I refuse to go anywhere with out a bit of Herb Lester map porn. Cartographers know where it’s at.
They are building shiny new bike lanes all over the city so watch this space.
By the end of the weekend I had almost started looking the right way.
I hired a bike from Rent and Roll who are new kids in town. They are crazy cheap (10 hours for €10) and they throw in baskets, locks and helmets. I can’t big these guys up enough. Plus they are situated right by Parque del Retiro which is a beautiful massive park. Ideal if you don’t want to brave the roads.

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