Friday, 3 May 2013

Carhartt x Vans Reflective Kicks

I can’t resist a guy who turns up the right leg of his jeans to reveal a reflective seam. I can, I have some self-control.
However, I do love clothes that are bikey without being all in your face about it. A perfect example of this is the new Carhartt x Vans collaboration. 

They’ve taken the classic Vans Era style, kept it sleek and simple and added 3M pack reflective material to the upper that illuminates when light hits them in the dark. 

So just walking around in the day they just look like sleek, simple classic Vans in the Era style with embossed Carhartt logo leather tabs and canvas heel pieces. Perfect for the undercover secret cyclist. And those guys, you know, the ones with the jeans with the seams.

Available online at for £70.

1 comment:

  1. What a brilliant idea, they look so trendy and you're right, very 'under cover cyclist'