Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's get NAKED// World Naked Bike Ride Day

Sorry Mum, but LOOK, I'm wearing a helmet. A Lucador masked up helmet.
If you've ever tried to make up a song about me, odds are it has contained the word 'nude'. Maybe even 'food' and 'rude'. Still, I bet I preferred it to 'Hey Jude' which people sing to me A LOT.

No way was I actually getting nude for World Naked Bike Ride Day. My main reason is that while I'm in Mexico City I am borrowing my brother's bike and to get naked on that would be a whole world of weird. Also, it's really hot here so while I'm comfortable with being a prude I would not be comfortable being a prune. So as well as wearing a bikini I was also wearing factor 70.

I was a bit late because I got barricaded in a road surrounded by screaming teenage girls with Union Jack flags. I would like One Direction to inform me of their travel plans in future as that was a really confusing, surreal experience. I thought I was being hunted down. If I had actually been naked that would have been an exact reenactment of a dream I used to have.

The Mexico City Naked Ride saw about 300 people riding along in various states of undress including semi clad, body painted and  full on naked just wearing smiles. Here they are, smiling all over Mexico DF:
Doesn't the Palacio de Bellas Artes look beautiful? What? That's not what you are looking at?

I saw some people on Ecobicis so if you want to get one for work tomorrow you might want to bring some anti bac wipes, just saying.

I always thought people on tall bikes were in it just to see down girls' tops.

Here is a little video so you can catch the naked vibe:

Thank you to my friend Monica for her awesome camera skills.

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  1. Great to read about the mexico. My pale behind was on display in various newspapers next to big ben on londons ride this year. Time to build a tan I think.