Friday, 19 July 2013

My Dinosawesome New Bell and Other Dino-buys

Bell, £4.99 from A Fudge & Sons Ltd, 176 Chiswick High Street.

Some things I think ought to be extinct; guy I see every morning in the white see-through Lycra, I’m looking at you. Some things, I’m glad, are brought back from extinction, like bum bags which are excellent for when you don’t need to fill a whole pannier. And some things that nod to the extinct like my wicked new dino-bell. Ding ding.

In homage to my dinosawsome new bell here are my favourite dino-buys that may well see money becoming extinct from my bank account very soon:

Pre-historic perfection in Perspex.

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask it again, how do I lose weight off only my head so I can fit into kids' helmets? *Shaves off hair*.

These guys have a whole dinosaur range full of neon full pieces on chunky chains. Love. Love. Love.

This one is for the boys, and the girls who steal boys’ socks. So, all the girls. Ok, me.

Choose from a triceratops or brontosaurus. AS IF I’m not going to buy both.

I love this colourful all-over print dinosweater. It would be great for evenings when the temperature turns.

Not to be confused with 'ROAR'. That's Lion.

Keep British Glam Rock alive and stomping by wearing Marc Bolan across your chest.

Oh, I just got the Tea-Rex pun. Traumatise young children by showing them how drinking coffee kills dinosaurs. Then redeem yourself by taking them to see the Extinction: Not the End of the World exhibition which runs until the 8th September.

I'm going to leave the last word with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs who I have been listening to while writing this:

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