Friday, 9 August 2013

Jawsome Shark Bike Bits

Me, Summer 2012. When you cycle to fancy dress parties without cloakrooms you have to work your helmet into the look.

Electra Shark Cruiser
Duh Nuh Duh Nuh Duh Nuh Duh Nuh..... 
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, it's Shark Week (not a euphemism). As if August didn't have enough going for it already. 
It's no secret that cycling gives you big thighs, so in my lifelong quest to make my arms match, I swim. When you swim, people send you links to lots of things containing sharks and fish. As this isn't my 'I Speak Goggles' blog (which is taking all my strength not to start) here are some fin-tastic sharkey stuff you can bike around in:

Not one, but two options to get your Lycra fix.
Shark Helmets

I am currently taping a cardboard fin to boring adult helmet while saying "Kids don't know how lucky they are. They don't even know they are born" in a fit of jealous rage.
I want this to wear under my wetsuit. Imagine swimming around with that secret. So Clark Kent. Rihanna has been wearing swimming costumes out and about. Go on, I dare you.

How fun are these? Perfect for a bit of his and hers shark action.

Yeah, so I'm going to need this dress in my life immediately. Bitey.
Ocean and beach inspired tones. 5% of proceeds go to BLOOM Association to ban unregulated shark fin trade. 
Remember these guys? The crime busters of the sea. 80s TV gold.
All I have to say about this is 'good luck wearing that in a festival portaloo'.
It wouldn't be Shark Week if this wasn't featured. The reason I wouldn't take a bath between the ages of five and seven.

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