Monday, 14 October 2013

Hip Hop on this Wu Tang Bike

So the 1990s were 20 years ago. How the hell did that happen? You can now buy 90s clothes in vintage shops. I still have things I bought in 1999 when I was in sixth form which means I legitimately own vintage clothes. Sweet. Lord. This also means that you can buy alcohol and go to clubs and your I.D only has to say you were born in 1995. 1995! People born in 1995 are legally allowed to rave it up in the same places as me. Jeesh, I'm not leaving my house ever again unless it's to go to IKEA or Waitrose. 

Anyway, this whole meltdown has been inspired by this Wu Tang Brand 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Bike by the State Bicycle Co.  This bike brand x hip hop band collaboration are set to release a whole line of custom-outfitted fixed gear and single speed bikes to celebrate Wu Tang's 20th Anniversary.

If you need me I'll be desperately trying to relive my youth by listening to this:

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