Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Paul Smith's Bike Knits

I have a little trick, a thing I do when I'm cold on my bike that makes me feel warm. I imagine I'm wearing just a bikini, then I imagine putting all my clothes on again and it makes me feel warm. Try it next time you are freezing.

The other day I was waiting in the cold for the lights to change on Kensington Park Road and thinking how just three months ago I actually was in the very same spot wearing a bikini dancing in the Notting Hill Carnival parade. I looked to my left and saw these bikey knits in the Paul Smith window. They look so warm. I want them to wear over my bikini.
Fair Isle Lamswool Snood £75 

Fair Isle Lambswool Beanie £85
Fair Isle Lambswool Scarf £135
Fair Isle Patterned Socks £17
There is the Paul Smith shop in green during the epic post-carnival clean-up. We had just been watching policemen play football with a coconut.

Also, have you been to Hello My Name Is Paul Smith at The Design Museum yet?

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