Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What bike lights do you use?

This is what 400 glow sticks looks like
The evenings are getting shorter which means we’ll be using our lights a lot more g’damn it.

I’ve been through a hell of a lot of lights in my time. I’ve lost them, broken them, run over them, lent them out, replaced countless batteries, watched them fade from a flash into a pulse, used them to create impromptu discos, held them together with hair bands, rode home holding them in hand and on occasion in my mouth.
Like we haven't all had to attach a torch to our bikes at some point

Or you could try chaining a toy fire engine to your bike. People will see and hear you coming.
This bike had seven sets of battery pack fairy lights attached. I couldn't wait for it to get dark.
I think I might have finally nailed it.
Here is what I use:

My front light:

This light is melt your eyeballs bright. It has five different flashing modes. I was an idiot at first and didn’t realise (didn’t read the instructions) that one was an eco-flash mode that lasts up to 50 hours so I was having to charge it up every few days like a fool. FYI at full beam it lasts about three hours. No need to steal the batteries out of your remote control because it’s USB rechargeable. The USB folds out so you can plug it straight into your computer without any wires.

I ride different bikes so they need to be self-mounting. This is easy to take on and off as it has a silicone strap with stainless steel clip.

My rear light:

This gets a lot of attention on and off the bike. It’s tubular so is visible from all angles unlike most lights that are just visible in the direction they are pointing at.
It has clips at both ends so can be attached to jackets, bags, I sometimes clip it to the back of my collar. It also has detachable silicone ladder slings that secure to the clips to you can attach it to your frame, pannier rack or helmet. It takes two AAA batteries that you can change without tools (or a penny).

I have on numerous occasions walked into places with it still on my bag and people have said, “you’re flashing!” THEY WISH.

When I put them away I attach the two together so I can find them easily and they haven’t yet turned themselves on in my bag. Winners.

If you have any winning lights TELL ME EVERYTHING.
Hey guys, it's nearly time for this

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