Monday, 5 October 2015

Cycling around the Isle of Wight anticlockwise

I know I’m always banging on about how much I love cycling around London but sometimes I need to put on my weekend pedals and find some roads that aren’t interrupted by traffic lights and roundabouts every few meters, where I’m not weaving between taxis and busses and where I can use some gears.
This weekend I took my bike, a pannier full of makeup and a wetsuit on a train and a boat and went to the Isle of Wight.

The Island, as locals refer to it as, is really easy to navigate around. I looked at a map before I left and as it is diamond shaped I planned my way to each corner and once I was there I just followed signs to each point and kept the sea on my left. 

I got a train from Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour then a Wightlink ferry to Ryde. From Ryde I made a short cycle to East Cowes and booked a B&B using the app. I cycled around the island anti-clockwise. It’s only 70 miles around and there are some great hills so you’ll get to use your gears.  There are lots of great sights and places to swim if you want to take breaks. I stayed a second night as I wanted to swim at Sandown and have a chilled weekend.

My new favourite bridge is the Floating Bridge which is actually a boat that crosses the gap between East Cowes and Cowes. 

There is lots of art on board, it takes about two minutes and costs 40p.

I took a break and went in the cable car to see The Needles.
At Freshwater. A great place to swim.

I had the road all to myself.

The Isle of Wight is sponsored by boats and dinosaurs. Seriously, they are everywhere.

My new favourite bike stands. Vernon Cottage, Shanklin.

Sandown Beach. I swam in the sea then dried off by cycling along the sand. If I wore white, my life would be exactly like a Tampax advert.

Dinosaurs. Everywhere.

Outside the zoo.

My bike posing outside Bembridge Windmill.

Windmills aren't exactly bike friendly. It's sulking.

Look! A nature!

A very fitting JOGLE magnet.

On the Wightlink back to the main island.

If anyone ever found my phone they would think I was in some kind of weird, perverse Jerry Springer style relationship with my bike as it is full of pictures of my bike looking great in different settings.


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