Friday, 5 August 2016

Euro Tour: Mannheim to Heidelberg// Mad respect for the human body and Germany shaped butt bruises

This is me finally feeling some sun, not wearing ugly waterproofs

Just a short one.

After being so epically broken yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling invincible. I am, as always, in complete awe of the human body and its ability to repair itself and regain strength. That being said I thought I’d use this beautiful sunny day as an excuse to listen to my body and take it easy.

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I made the short 20km jaunt from Mannheim to Heidelberg along the river Neckar and got the boat crossing for 50 cents instead of the bridge. I highly recommend this ride if you are visiting the area as it’s very easy and so beautiful. 

I’m chilling out, seeing Heidelberg and eating all the food. I’m eating for three right now. My thighs count as two separate people right?

My brother called me and asked if I was in Germany yet. 

I did this with my bum

Freakishly, one of my bruises is in the shape of Germany. It’s on my butt so I can’t show you. In lieu of that picture, above is one showing that my bum (with a lot of help from rain and crappy waterproof trousers) has taken the leopard print off my saddle. It's being de-Theresa Mayed.

Thighs Matters Euro Tour stages:
Ulm to Ingolstadt// Bonking and trying on dresses 
Ingolstadt to Regensburg// Bike drying my hair and putting bikes on boats
10 Regensburg to Wörth an der Donau: Pimping my ride and hunting down chocolate
11 Wörth an der Donau to Passau// My last day in Germany and probably the sunburniest 
12 The Austrian bit. Not the Australian bit as autocorrect likes to think
13 Vienna to Bratislava// Five things to do that are not 'go on a stag do'
14 Bratislava to Gyor // Not checking my feast days
15 Gyor to Esztergom// Being scared of dogs and referring to my bike and I as 'we'

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