Friday, 12 August 2016

Euro Tour: Regensburg to Wörth an der Donau: Pimping my ride and hunting down chocolate

A roadside inner-tube vending machine
It was due to rain today and I had a work deadline so I only planned a short 30km jaunt.

It’s actually a very beautiful ride out of Regensburg. You are close to the Danube for a while and go through a nice bit of countryside when the river is out of sight. You also go past Walhalla, a reproduction of the Parthenon. It’s way up on a hill and looks very striking, if a little random. The cycle paths today were 

Even on roads less travelled they have these vending machines with inner tubes. Aren’t they amazing? I almost wish I had a puncture. I TAKE THAT BACK, I TAKE THAT BACK.

Because i’ve been spending so much time on my bike, i’ve tried to make it look more homely by pimping it with flowers in the cables on my handlebars. Today is actually the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death and the first one i’ve been away from my family. I found this flower today which is the same as the ones he grew in the garden and we put on his coffin. It’s botanical name is ‘Yellow Flower’, yeah, I have no idea about natures. He’s be less than impressed that I didn’t pack a 1st aid kit but did pack four different nail varnishes.

firework flowers

Talking of flowers; these flowers are always near the Danube. I’ve called them ‘Firework Flowers’ but i’ve been informed my a work colleague who i call my ‘nature Shazam’ that they are in fact Queen Anne’s Lace aka Wild Carrot so i’m sure it’s ok that i’ve been eating them. The hallucinations are normal right?

There is nothing happening in Wörth an der Donau which is good if you have a deadline but bad if you want to buy copies amounts of chocolate. don’t worry, I found some. In the chemist of all places, where else?

I stayed in probably the only hotel in the area, Gasthof Butz which was really cheap. I ate steak, nailed my deadline then passed out watching a German music channel and had the weirdest dreams.

Thighs Matters Euro Tour stages:
Ulm to Ingolstadt// Bonking and trying on dresses 
Ingolstadt to Regensburg// Bike drying my hair and putting bikes on boats
10 Regensburg to Wörth an der Donau: Pimping my ride and hunting down chocolate
11 Wörth an der Donau to Passau// My last day in Germany and probably the sunburniest 
12 The Austrian bit. Not the Australian bit as autocorrect likes to think
13 Vienna to Bratislava// Five things to do that are not 'go on a stag do'
14 Bratislava to Gyor // Not checking my feast days
15 Gyor to Esztergom// Being scared of dogs and referring to my bike and I as 'we'

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