Thursday, 23 March 2017

Cycling Snapshots// And the award for biggest bike shed key goes to...

The Wee Row Hostel in New Lanark, Scotland.

When you are staying in hostels with a bike, they usually give you a key and point you in the direction of some form of bike storage. On my travels this has varied greatly and included scary cellars, bike sheds, underground carparks, boiler rooms, staff rooms and fully pimped up rooms with bike stands and a world of repair tools for your use. I've seen some weird behind-the-scenes stuff while stashing my bikes, including what I think was a hotel staff female fight club in Antwerp.

Anyway, this was during my 2014 JOGLE ride in New Lanark, a village on the River Clyde famous for its cotton mills. You can visit the historic site of a traditional mill right next to the hostel. I just happened to ride into town during Lanark Lanimers Week so all the houses were decorated and they were rehearsing for fancy dress processions. My bike had the bike storage room (it was a room, not a shed) all to itself.

Just so you know, if you are ever caught short and have to stay in a Travel Lodge, they let you take your bike up to your room. How romantic.

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