Monday, 10 October 2016

Euro Tour: Wörth an der Donau to Passau// My last day in Germany and probably the sunburniest

My last full day in Germany turned out to be one of my favourite days. I was alongside the Danube most of the day so it was really peaceful and calm. The river looked exceptionally beautiful today. It reminded me silver and blue Christmas tinsel.

Being a Saturday (not that that matters to me right now), there were lots of cycling clubs out whizzing past me and my pannier laden bike.

Donaustrand Deggendorf

Starting by riding through Kirchroth and Offenberg with rows of wild flowers between the calm wide stretch of the river and me. coming to Deggendorf where they have made it into a sort of beach with families sitting in deck chairs under sunbrellas having picnics. 

It was really hot and no matter how many times I apply suntan lotion, i’m getting fried from being under the sun all day. It’s not like you can go and ride in the shade.


Along the Danube trail in Vilshofen, is the Donauplanetenweg(the Danube Planet Trail) where you can see models of the solar system at a scale of 1:1 billion. 

My bike under the sun Donauplanetenweg

Passau is where three rivers join so it’s very lush and looks like a vintage postcard. 


Save some energy for the climb up to the hostel. It’s very steep and cobbled. I think you should win a speed boat or a suitcase full of money if you make it up to the top. I didn’t even try, I was sunburnt and starving.
Eating dinner, dangling over the castle's grounds

The DJH Jugendherbergen hostel is within the grounds of the Veste Obserhause castle so it’s very scenic and the view is amazing.

I’m kind of sad that this is my last night in Germany, it’s been such an adventure and everyone has been so nice. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Euro Tour: Regensburg to Wörth an der Donau: Pimping my ride and hunting down chocolate

It was due to rain today and I had a work deadline so I only planned a short 30km jaunt.

It’s actually a very beautiful ride out of Regensburg. You are close to the Danube for a while and go through a nice bit of countryside when the river is out of sight. You also go past Walhalla, a reproduction of the Parthenon. It’s way up on a hill and looks very striking, if a little random. The cycle paths today were 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Euro Tour: Ingolstadt to Regensburg// Bike drying my hair and putting bikes on boats


I should probably do a post on the importance of rest days and say how you should refuel and reserve energy but I run around like a loon and try on dresses. I did, however, eat lots of vegetable because I felt like I was getting scurvy. I also had to do some actual work to justify carrying around a laptop and to pay for all this hostel high living. Seriously, being on tour is cheaper than being in London.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Euro Tour: Ulm to Ingolstadt// Bonking and trying on dresses

Der Schneider von Ulm by Johannes Pfeiffer 2012
I got told off at breakfast by a German lady in the hostel who said I was going too far and fast and not enjoying her beautiful country. She also proved that I had been hideously mispronouncing German place names and said I looked tired. THIS IS HOW I LOOK. I promised her i’d take a day off when I got to Ingolstadt and she said “Oh don’t bother stopping there.” 
I seriously can’t win.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Euro Tour: Bad Urach to Ulm// Bike dancing & holding my breath through tunnels

Out of office

 Sorting bike out outside with a mountain view, just realised it was Monday and I’d forgotten to put my out of office on. I wanted to put ‘Gone Cycling’. There is some kind of Summer Camp at this hostel for gifted child musicians so I fixed my bike to the sound of music, in the mountains, very Julie Andrews but without the nazis or nuns but even more creepy, musically gifted children.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Euro Tour: Stuttgart to Bad Urach// Legs Day

Racing up the Neckar

I woke up and everything hurt. Ok so I have a secret shoulder injury that i’m ignoring. I spent most of yesterday one-handed cycling but I’m just making other things hurt more like the wrist that was doing all the work yesterday. 

Euro Tour: Heidleberg to Stuttgart// Going into a tour-trance & being thankful for Pierce Brosnan

I thought that after yesterday’s short ride I could bang out a longer one today so I headed straight for Stuttgart.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Euro Tour: Mannheim to Heidelberg// Mad respect for the human body and Germany shaped butt bruises

This is me finally feeling some sun, not wearing ugly waterproofs

Just a short one.

After being so epically broken yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling invincible. I am, as always, in complete awe of the human body and its ability to repair itself and regain strength. That being said I thought I’d use this beautiful sunny day as an excuse to listen to my body and take it easy.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Euro Tour: Sankt Goar to Mannheim// Never trusting Google Maps and very nearly dying

Ass not gas. Mannheim 
The short version is Google maps is a dick and thinks things that are so not roads are roads. The long version includes me pushing my bike through muddy vineyards pretty sure I was trespassing swearing loudly at the rain. FYI scarecrows are really scary when you are all alone in a massive dark rainy field and there is no sign of life or modernity and your mind starts thinking maybe you’ve fallen through a time portal. AND MY GOD THIS RAIN. Oh and then I nearly died.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Euro Tour: Bonn to Sankt Goar// Hating wearing waterproof trousers with every fibre of my being.

Steeds, German Corner, Koblenz
Leaving Basecamp Bonn after doing the whole breakfast buffet rinsing, waterproofing procedure of electric taping sandwich bags over my socks and seethingly watching some Lycraed up dudes giving their parents their bags to drive ahead for them, I loaded up and made my way alongside the railway to meet the River Rhine.