Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Birthday Breakfast in Brighton// London to Brighton Night Ride

It was my 30th Birthday so we took the tandem to Clapham Common, met up with a bunch of my friends and had a bit of a picnic. We pimped up our bikes with ALL the fairy lights, put on party hats and lit sparklers. Then we rode our bikes through the night for 60 miles to Brighton.
Team L2B30 aka No Clue Crew. This was the moment we realised we had all accidentally dressed in black. 

We played with fire.

Team Tandem.

Aaaaand GO.

At a rest stop, touching up my lipstick in my chrome helmet (modelled by Natalia)

We saw the sun rise.

We nailed EVERY hill.

Matthew did it on a fixie.

Others stretched, we nipped whisky.

No padded shorts but plenty of false eyelashes

We all crossed the finish line together where we were met with hugs and bubbles.

Then we went for a swim in the sea.
After our swim, we parked up our bikes and went to my friend's roof garden where we had breakfast, Birthday cake and a group nap.

Everyone was so nice encouraging us up the hills and complimenting our party hats. We didn't have the right gear, had done little to no training, yet none of us hurt the next day, not one bit. This is either because we are all magic, super fit, but most likely because we had an ice cold bath courtesy of the English Channel. The hardest part was getting the tandem back to London. At one point I thought I might have to ride it back on my own, picking up hitch hikers.

Thanks guys for the best Birthday ever. I  now feel very lonely riding around town on my own without a party hat clad convoy. For my 40th let's do it again. Then swim to France. Anyone? Hellooooo?

Here is our fundraising page for the British Heart Foundation.

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