Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee Lag

That was a pretty crazy weekend. It all went a bit 1970s for a moment there.

Wind spinners on ALL the handle bars on the tandem.

Team tandem.

Some street part action in Brixton.

Check out the unicorn sky in Kennington.

Stokers view of Big Ben.

Hanging out with the paps at the concert.

Using the tandem to get a better view.

The Hangover.

The hangover part 2. The foxes got into the bins after my dad's street party.
N.B: He's had the jumper since the 70s, the 'bollocks' bunting is new.
Now we are left with a load of wet bunting and confusion as to what day it is. I'm not sure I can wear red, white and blue for a while but on the up side, Summer must be around the corner?

My Jubilee Hip Hop playlist is here on Le Blow if you want to relive all the madness.
Pictures by Maria.

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  1. Those wind spinners are amazing! You've inspired me :-)