Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Name that Hill// London to Brighton 2012

Does anyone know the name of this hill? I have current memory loss of everything that happened before Ditchling Beacon (which we nailed). Also, this is what going up hills looks like for a stoker. She probably had her feet up.


  1. i know this hill i cycle up it alot lol
    its just past nutfiled marsh where in on the pond pub is
    the hill is called church hill
    well done on doing the bike ride

  2. YES! Thank you so much. Church hill, makes sense what with the church bells.

  3. your welcome :)
    i think maybe either they were for show or because it was sunday

  4. will you be doing london bikathon in september ?
    as i will be doing that keep in touch :)

  5. I might be out the country then. If I'm about then I'll be there for sure.