Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Wheat and Dairy Free Birthday (Energy Bar) Cake

Before we cycled to Brighton, I had a big picnic on Clapham Common with my family and friends so those who weren't cycling could wave us off and have some cake. I was very glad none of my friends bought me any awkward presents as I has visions of riding to Brighton carrying champagne flutes or something. My Mum totally stepped up and instead of my usual princess cake (dubbed 'doll drowning in cake' by my Dad, oh, about 29 times), she made this amazingly delicious energy bar cake which we cut into squares and munched along the way. Here is the recipe for those who were asking:
Dairy & Wheat Free Energy Bar Cake
1 lb. porridge oats
sprinkle of oat meal
3 oz brown sugar
4 eggs
3 or 4 bananas
8oz, finely chopped dates
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Blend dates then add bananas and blend again. Then add eggs. Add to the porridge oats, oat meal and brown sugar.
Cook at 180 for 20 minutes.

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