Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy O' Clock

 I have a think for over sized watches. That means I like men's watches. Men's watches tend to be more durable and bike/ Jude proof. I especially love this black matte plastic watch by MAY 28TH which is available at ASOS for £25 because of its beautiful bike illustrated face. 

Have you ever noticed that clocks or watches for sale are always set at ten to ten? This is because it looks like they are smiling (See) and everyone wants to buy smiley shaped things. Do you like bunting? It's because it's smile shaped.

I learnt how to tell the time on a Swatch Flick Flack watch which I wore until I went to secondary school and got laughed at for being so not cool. It recently occurred to me that I have been telling the time for ages and have only just questioned what the 'O' in o' clock means. Anyone? Well boys and girls I'll tell you.
Once upon a time people used to tell the time by looking at the sun and the moon. This wasn't always bang on accurate until one day someone invented a clock. Not everyone was convinced, some people wanted to remain old school. During this transitional period people who were flash would say "It's two of the clock" so everyone knew they weren't old fashioned sun and moon types. Over time we have shortened it to o' clock. Now we are ready for if that ever comes up in a pub quiz.
The new Mum-made crochet collar I'm currently sporting

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