Saturday, 15 September 2012

Designed to Win

When you cycle, you can't use the generic 'my tube was delayed' type excuses for being late. In a desperate attempt to get a few extra minutes in bed I've been trying to come up with ways I can shave some time off my commute. So far I have;
* Wear shoes that aren't flip flops.
* Don't stop en route for a 2nd breakfast.
With these two speed improving factors set in motion I was feeling pretty smug. That was until I went to Designed to Win and met this bike.
Allow me to introduce you to the Speed Concept 9:9 by Trek. This time trial bicycle was ridden by Fabian Cancellara as he won another yellow jersey in the 2012 Tour de France Prologue. All elements that could create drag have been concealed to enhance aerodynamic performance. Maybe I should remove some of the Hello Kitty stickers off my bike as even branding stickers can add weight.

Also, I've been going through an 'attach a vintage silk scarf to my helmet' phase. This won't make me as fast as Graham O'Bree was in this hot red fibreglass number which he wore in his 1993 Hour Record attempt.

This exhibition shows the depth of influence sport has had on areas including; fashion, design, technology, politics, advertising and art. Sport is a creative industry that has amazing opportunities for collaborations in many diverse areas. This is something that we have become more aware of this summer with the Olympic and Paralympic games. If the absence of these events has left you feeling a bit Monday morning this exhibition is the perfect hair of the dog. Also if you just want to check out some super cool bike porn there are bikes once owned by Eddy Merckx, Chris Boardman and Francesco Moser to name a few.

Designed to Win is on at the Design Museum until November 18th 2012. There is bike parking outside the Museum or you can lock up along the Thames.

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