Thursday, 28 March 2013

All the Cycling Ladies

"All the cycling ladies. All the cycling ladies. All the cycling ladies. All the cycling ladies. Oh oh oh, oh oh ooooh oh oh........" yeah, you get it.

This week British Cycling have announced their plans to have one million more females cycling by 2020. And with it comes the usual debate about  safety, cycle style, Lycra aversions, heels on wheels and all that vajazz.

My favourite thing about cycling is the freedom it gives me. That freedom extends to clothing so wear whatever you want. If you want to deck yourself out in all the kit, go nuts. If you want to wear your normal clothes, do it. I wear what I want to wear for the day and carry a few spare items in a nice pannier bag just in case I get wet. I wear a helmet mainly because I like helmets. They keep my hair in place and my head warm.

With regards to safety, do whatever it takes to make yourself feel safe if that means wearing hi vis, helmets, dismounting at busy junctions so be it. I feel safe cycling through some neighbourhoods that I wouldn't dream of walking through. 

That's just me. You'll soon find out what type of cyclist you are.

You can read British Cycling's Vision for Women's Cycling 2013-2020 right here. 

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