Monday, 1 April 2013

Bradley W-egg-ins

First of all, sorry for all the egg puns that this post contains.
This Easter I decided to pay tribute to the eggciting summer of 2012 by painting Bradley W-egg-ins and the TDF eggs.
I cycled to Primrose Hill for the 8th Annual Lost & Found Egg Roll. Transporting eggs on a bike is the ultimate test in careful cycling. 
The competition for best dressed egg year was eggceptionaly tough this year. I had my eye on the eggstravagant trophy.
I came 2nd.
Here is the winner: The Bikram Yoker Studio. Whatever, I have a thick shell.
On Easter Sunday, My nieces and nephews took some time out of their busy 'gorging themselves on chocolate' schedule to take part in a little hillside eggsperiment. 
Guess what this park is called? Scotch Common. For real. These puns write themselves.
The King of the Mountains had had un oeuf of this hill.
Maillot Vert was the clear winner, sprinting to the finish line, shell intact. This is what our winner had to say: "Girls always win at stuff like this because they are WAY better than boys". Great eggfort girls, you crack me up.

That's all yokes.

Happy Easter. I don't want to see eggs for a long time.

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