Thursday, 4 April 2013

Batman Smells

Last year was Bat... Batman crazy. There was the film The Dark Knight Rises, the Lazy Oaf x Batman collection (one of my favourite fashion moments from 2012), and I got very jealous seeing loads of kids cruising around Mexico on this batmobile:
I once worked somewhere where the security guard used to call me Miss Brosman. I didn't correct him because I thought it sounded like a cool super hero name. Although in retrospect what would my power be? Making people listen to Bros? I did go to a superhero party a few years ago dressed as Cycle Superhighway Girl:
Yes I did make it myself and yes those are fairy lights in my helmet. What was my superpower? Magically disappearing at junctions.
Anyway back to Batman. When you ride a tandem the number one suggestion for fancy dress is Batman and Robin. So with that in mind, here are five cape free ways you can Batman up:

Batman Bottle  £7 from John Lewis

 You can even fill this with water if you want.

Batman 'Wham' Sweater £29 from Topshop

Brosman would LOVE this sweater. Wait, or did Bros hate Wham?

Batman Wall Sticker £14 from Abode Wall Art 

I'm a big fan of using wall stickers to hide bike scuffs.

Batman Retro Bag £27.99 from Truffle Shuffle.
I'd like to see more couriers carrying this around. Make it your uniform please.

Batman Cycling Jersey $29.99 by Eclipse Cycling

Custom made for you Lycra dudes. You can unzip it and reveal your true identity underneath. Probably more Lycra.

And lastly. Here is a picture of me with the actual Batman at Notting Hill Carnival. Batman loves carnival.

Next week, Robin.

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