Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bicycle Flower Power

You know when you leave a job/ date/ wedding with a bouquet of flowers? You say 'thank you' but secretly dread what state they'll be in after riding home with them attached to a pannier rack by a hairband? A bunch of sorry withered stems don't look hot, no matter how fancy your vase is. The answer is to eat them right there and then in front of whoever gave them to you so they know to get you chocolates next time.
So while i'm bigging up flowers I thought I'd take this moment to mention the bike on the wall in my local florists which is in a beautiful Victorian row of shops. This bike was on the premises when they moved in in 1989. It was used by The Drayton Court to deliver booze and the florists still has the same telephone number but now with the extra digits that time has added. 
If you want to go and have a closer look, there are bike stands on the street. Blakes Florist, 4 The Avenue, Ealing, W13 8PH
And sticking to the floral theme, here is a summer 2012 flashback of the bike riding flower dudes that graced Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Also, this.
Proof that flowers brighten up a grey day.

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