Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fe Fi Foe Fum

Remember rainy Sundays when you were a kid? Watching Land of the Giants until your parents called you for lunch? No? Jeesh, how old are you? 
My parents abused our love of this show to trick us into eating vegetables. We'd pretend we were all giants eating trees (broccoli) and cabbages (sprouts). Their technique totally back fired when we found their stash of airplane miniature spirits and they are now 100% responsible for my diet exclusively containing chocolate in the form of Celebrations. Raawww.

At 5'4", ALRIGHT, 5'3 and a half, my gigantic dreams have fallen short which makes finding decent frames somewhat of a chore. Tandems are especially sexist, I mean shortist. The crossbars are usually really large throughout or high at the front with what they call a 'lady back'. I finally found a Viking one that was 17.5" front and 15.5" rear frame which is perfect for short sisters. 
On the opposite end of the height spectrum,the other day I gave my 6'4" friend a lift home on the back. He was kind of freaked out because he could see over my head and kept forgetting I was there. He said it was like he was guiding the bike with his mind. 

Here is a guy living the dream. Cleats and all.

And here is Danny MacAskill doing the opposite.

What I say is my favourite book.
What is actually my favourite book.

Remember this? The Borrowers.

Land of the Giants. 1980's gold.
Me hijacking my nephew's bike which now looking at it, looks about my size. Sigh.

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