Monday, 22 December 2014

Five emergency last minute Christmas gifts

Yes you can get a Christmas tree on the back of a tandem
How the hell is it already Christmas? I still haven't put my halloween costume away, damn it. Here are some gifts you can buy online, any time:

A Bristol based independent magazine released 2-4 times a year. They gather personal stories, beautiful pictures and illustrations from all areas of bike culture. You can tailor the subscription depending on how much you like the person.

For the person who says "don't spend any money on me" (not me). You can promise to take them to this Mapping the City exhibition coming to Somerset House in January 2015. Map porn galore, perfect for anyone with cartographic curiosities.

Relive those London 2012 vibes by pretending to be Chris Hoy on the very same track he won us some gold. This is so much fun. I have no experience riding fixed gear and I managed the whole session without breaking my face.

What better gift than the gift of choice? After checkout you will be emailed a link to your voucher which you can either print out or email.

Sign someone up for a charity ride and give them a challenge to work towards. Preferable if you sign yourself up too. Everyone talks about New Year's fitness challenges this way you can flat out force them into it. BHF has a number of different challenges of varying distances, plus you get to raise money for charity so probably nail two New Year's resolutions with one gift.

Now you can either print out the notification email and put it in a generic Christmas card (romantic), or you could be a bit more creative and add a personal touch.

Merry Christmas you gorgeous bunch xxx

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