Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Girl's Bicycle Handbook book signing

My brother was looking for a present to buy me and he found this book he thought I'd love. In the queue to buy it he had a quick flick through the pages and sent me a message saying; "You are so hard to buy presents for. I found a book I thought you'd like but you are in it so you probably already have it."

Yep, I have it*. It's The Girls Bicycle Handbook by Caz Nicklin from Cycle Chic.
It's weird closing a book on my face.
If you want to buy and copy and have her sign it, she will be at Just E-Bikes on Portobello Road this Saturday 6th December. They'll also have free minced pies just in case you haven't started on them yet.  If they didn't already have me at 'free minced pies', I'm a west London girl so this one is just a short cycle ride away from home. 
Westside Massive
*Actually Eileen Sheridan has my copy and says she loved it.

You can read about Caz's favourite London spots here.

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