Friday, 27 March 2015

View from my bike

Can you believe the London Eye is 15 years old already? It will be finishing school and getting a National Insurance card soon
I never get bored cycling around my city. It's constantly changing and I notice new things every day. I always look around and think of all these amazing sights I would miss out on if I was standing under someone's armpit on the tube.
As it's turning into spring I thought I'd share some of the sights I've been enjoying recently in-between taking off layers and losing gloves.

A view from the bridge. Waterloo to be exact. Look at the whole squad looking fresh.
The Grampians in Shepherd's Bush is one of my favourite Art Deco buildings. I'm really into the curved shops that flank the entrance. The Grampians is one of the landmarks that cabbies have to learn in 'The Knowledge'.

A bit of landmark peekaboo from the sulky One Canada Square (London's 2nd tallest building).

The St Giles Hotel adding a bit of Brutalism to Camden.

I catch a glimpse of this tightrope arabesquing ballerina down a Notting Hill side street.

The Shepherd's Bush Telephone Exchange. I'm kind of obsessed with Brutalist buildings and this one is on my top ten with its blast of colour from the wall of tiles.

In case you were wondering, this is what the bottom of the Gherkin looks like. I always want to see the bottom of buildings that we only usually see the tops of (that's a whole other post waiting to happen right there). 

London is famous for its wonderful old historic buildings but I love it when new futuristic buildings join the crew. This is the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton by Zaha Hadid. I especially love the bright red, five lane 100 metre running track that passes through it.

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