Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Richmond Park// Summer, the prequel

All the deer, no idea
To celebrate the sun showing its face and enjoying it before it disappears again until June (it's bluffing, don't put your gloves away yet), I followed in Charles I's plague escaping Stuart footsteps and fled to Richmond Park

I love Royal Parks. I look out beyond all the Lycra-ed up racers and imagine Henry VIII and his crew hunting around and jousting each other as we ride around not getting gout or obese.
Cycle style: The jumper scarf. 
When you want to take off a layer but have nowhere to put it. The struggle is real.
Out come the cycling shorts. My version of cycling shorts.
Sharing is caring. This is my buddy Sophie who used to get my hand me down school uniform until she grew taller than me. Here she is on my old bike (remember that guy?) wearing one of my spare helmets.

Picnic pit stop. My bike well prefers this to being locked up outside Tesco.
Look at all the natures.
Home via the traffic-free Thames path. It's nice to give your bike a break from city cycling every now and then.