Thursday, 11 August 2016

Euro Tour: Ingolstadt to Regensburg// Bike drying my hair and putting bikes on boats


I should probably do a post on the importance of rest days and say how you should refuel and reserve energy but I run around like a loon and try on dresses. I did, however, eat lots of vegetable because I felt like I was getting scurvy. I also had to do some actual work to justify carrying around a laptop and to pay for all this hostel high living. Seriously, being on tour is cheaper than being in London.

It was a hot day so I was finally able to bike dry my hair.

Raised path out of Ingolstadt
Leaving Ingolstadt there is a raised path that leads you past all the strangely wonderful Dr Seuss looking industrial works at Vohburg an der Donau. I kept thinking about that line from Oh The Places You’ll Go! “It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.” 

From those sights to the amazing vineyards at Abensberg the scenery was so varied today.

Just before Kelheim there was a sign saying you could either get there by putting your bike on a boat or you could cycle 5.9km and there was an uphill symbol. I do love a climb and I’ve done some pretty epic ones on this trip but none warranted an uphill symbol so I assume that meant the whole 5.9km was literally vertical. To the boat.

Hey, if you’ve done that climb please let me know how that worked out for you.

The boat is one of those massive three tiered cruiser boats (I don’t know about boats) with a restaurant and you park up bang in the middle. It’s touristy AF but it’s really cool to actually be on the Danube and that particular bit of the river is extra beautiful so well worth the €8 and not climbing up a steep hill.

So from Kelheim it was an idyllic ride right alongside the Danube. When I thought about cycling down the Danube, this is how I imagined it. Riding through Saal an der Donau and Pentling was exactly like you might see in the brochures. Families picnicing, dogs being walked, it was like that.

Regensburg has a medieval old town centre that lies in the shadows of the Gothic twin steeples of St Peter’s Cathedral and has a tonne of museums including the Danube Shipping Museum if you really want to geek out to theme. I didn’t.

Thighs Matters Euro Tour stages:
Ulm to Ingolstadt// Bonking and trying on dresses 
Ingolstadt to Regensburg// Bike drying my hair and putting bikes on boats
10 Regensburg to Wörth an der Donau: Pimping my ride and hunting down chocolate
11 Wörth an der Donau to Passau// My last day in Germany and probably the sunburniest 
12 The Austrian bit. Not the Australian bit as autocorrect likes to think
13 Vienna to Bratislava// Five things to do that are not 'go on a stag do'
14 Bratislava to Gyor // Not checking my feast days
15 Gyor to Esztergom// Being scared of dogs and referring to my bike and I as 'we'

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