Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cycling outside the city// Devon

I've been a bit of a rubbish urban cyclist of late. Mostly because I've been out of London for the past few weekends getting my country on.   Last weekend I was in Devon which was beautiful to cycle around. Lots of great hills, picturesque moorland and country roads.   
'Cattle Grids' not 'Cattle Grills' which are something completely different.  To translate this into city; these are as hard to walk over as the cobble stones in Covent Garden.
Now imagine this in the dark. Terrifying.

Bloggers love to take pictures of their food. Steak and Stilton Pie at the Peter Tavy Inn.  Potatoes and veg were on separate plates. Good job we were cycling everywhere.

We were actually there for a christening so had to wear all our finery. This means everyone outside the church got to see us do a bit of a strip show.
Brentor Church dates back to the 13th Century.  We didn't attempt to ride up it. Mainly because I had taken my pump and puncture repair kit out my bag to make room for heels.
My friends live right by Tavistock Viaduct. What a view.
I was a bridesmaid in this church almost two years ago on a much less rainy day.

Herb crusted cod fillet at The Halfway House Inn for all you food perverts.
We were going to cycle back to London. No we weren't. We put our bikes on the train and changed into ALL the dry clothes we had. That is why I was wearing pajama bottoms, pink heels, a wrap dress and a hoody.
Riding home from Paddington station felt very strange. The things I call 'hills' didn't even require a gear change and everything was so lit up. Cycling in the city is a completely different experience. I'm pretty sure all of the fresh country air I'd stored in my lungs was expelled as I shouted at the taxi that almost car doored me.

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