Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Customised Waterproof Cycling Mac

This summer needs to sort its life out. Recently I have pretty much been in a constant state of drying. I have found it really hard to find a jacket that is safe to cycle in, keeps me dry and is not ugly as sin. Well I couldn't find one so I took the matter into my own hands, went all arts and crafts and sort of made one. 
I bought a polka dot shower resistant mac from Marks and Spencer, sewed on reflective tape (taken from an old hi vis waist coat), cut hidden air holes to avoid the whole condensation/ raining on the inside situation and added Liberty buttons, you know, to pretty it up. 

It ticks all my boxes:
* It folds up really small.
* has button up pockets which have so far kept everything I've put in them dry.
* It has a drawstring waist so I can look like a lady.
* If I put the hood up and wear my helmet over it, my hair stays completely dry.
* It's long enough to keep my bum dry, but not so long it gets in the way.
* I'm not ashamed to wear it when I am not near my bike.

I get lots of compliments when I wear it which is practically everyday at the moment. The only problem is people think I'm lying about cycling as I'm arriving places perfectly dry.

* The original jacket was £29.50 from M&S and is no longer in stock. They do however have this amazing floral alternative.
* Buttons available from the haberdashery department at Liberty in packs for around £6.
* At night and in other necessary circumstances I wear hi vis over this so I can be seen and not hurt.

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