Monday, 18 May 2015

Cycling Essentials: Masking Tape

The second I put a banana in my bag it gets bruised and becomes poisonous. Stay where I can see you bike banana.
There are lots of things I forget when I'm going on bike rides like spare inner tubes, lights, where i'm going, my worries, but I always remember masking tape. It's ideal for taping maps and snacks to your handle bars without damaging your bike. I've also used it for minor repairs and was known to have had a back light taped to the back of my seat for a whole season.Also, I don't think i've had a pair of sunglasses that haven't benefited from a tape up à la Jack Duckworth.
Masking tape, I salute you.
An alternative to the carrot on the stick. I go so much faster with one of these taped to my bars.
Screw you Google Maps, screw you.

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