Thursday, 28 May 2015

Another year older, another bike cake

I swear these birthday things get even better every year.

Every year I prepare myself for an epic meltdown but it has not happened. Yet. Ok, there was that one time I ran away from my 27th birthday party in Lima and didn't stop for two hours and had to be picked up from the sketchiest part of town but I'm going to blame that on the altitude (alcohol) and living away from home. The only thing more stressful than organising your birthday is having someone else try and organise something for you. My biggest fear in life is a surprise party. I know I'd be wearing my running kit and no make up as all my glamorous friends jump out, shout 'SURPRISE' as I cry in their faces.

So I sack all that off in favour of birthday challenges (remember my 30th?)This year as proof that I'm no wiser I started a new birthday tradition that can only get harder as I get older. I invented a birthday triathlon with added party hats. I ran 3.3 miles, cycled 33 km, swam for 33 minutes and probably ate 33 pieces of cake. If you are wondering how old I am, after all that I looked 50.
3.3 mile run. I wish running came first in triathlons as it's my weakest event. It's my birthday triathlon so i got my own way.

33 km cycle. I truly believe the party hat unihorn made me go faster. 
33 minute swim. The party hats did not do so well in the water.
Danced off 33 cakes. I'm going to campaign to get dancing added to make them quadathlons.
I like to make birthday resolutions. This year I want to master pistol squats, bring back jelly and finally go to Scotland. Oh and have lots more adventures on my bike.

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